Panasonic Blu-ray-DMP 85K

If you are like me, after buying a nice size flat screen TV, you begin to look at acquiring a quality Blu-Ray Player. I recently chose the Panasonic DMP BDK85K. The picture and the features are an astonishing addition to any home theater setup.

What is Blu-ray?Im no specialist, but Ill try my best to explain it. Blu-ray is a new disc format that holds about five times the amount of information of a standard DVD. That equates to about 25 gig on a single layer disc.Thats enough room for a small computer. This added space makes it the best choice for HD movies.

The first time I saw a good Blu-ray movie, I was blown away. The HD video was breathtaking with first-rate detail and cinema like sound. The extra space also allows for extra movie trailers, games and more. In addition to the standard necessary features most Blu-ray players are able to access the internet to allow you to recieve more amazing films, games and much more. Earlier first generation models usually required you to connect via cable however the newer models can incorporate wireless technologies.

So how do you find the best Blu-ray player? Well, the best is always a tricky concept. The best is whats best for you, and for the most part that comes down to features. Almost any Blu-ray player will deliver truly awesome video and sound. If that is all that matters to you, then perhaps an older model will work just fine. Please note that some of the older machines took longer to load your movies. That means a delay of up to two whole minutes. So if you can settle for just amazing picture and sound, and dont mind waiting a minute or two, an older Blu-ray player may be the best solution for you.

However if you are looking for the latest cutting edge features and additional entertainment features, I would consider an unit such as the Panasonic BD85K which includes wireless.

Whichever Blu-ray you choose, I would suggest Amazon as a supplier. Amazon usually has the best prices around and they have an exceptional history of problem resolution. In other words, your Blu-ray will ship safely If there is a problem, Amazon will take care of it. They are the biggest online store with a well deserved reputation.

If you dont know where to start, search for the Panasonic DMP-BD85K below. Enjoy spectacular cinema in the comfort of your own home Check the links below for more information on the best Blu-ray players.

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