How to Make a Woman Love You in 5 Simple Steps

At some point in his life, every guy wants to know how to make a woman fall in love with him.

While it’s a lot of fun to date different women and play the field, there will be a time when you want to go beyond a casual relationship. In fact you’ll eventually want to get into a loving relationship

But how can you make the woman you’re with to love you back?

Well here are 5 simple tips you can use to help allow a woman to reciprocate your love.

Step #1- Know that love is different then attraction

The one thing you should always remember is attracting a woman is much different then getting her to love you. In other words, you can out on a whole mysterious persona like you would with the basic attraction techniques. When you start to develop romantic feelings for a woman you should use it as opportunity to show the real you that’s hidden beneath the surface.

With love, you have to show FEELINGS and reciprocate her nurturing nature. You should allow her to be attracted to the fun and alpha side of you, but love the good person you are deep inside.

Step #2- Act like a MAN

Real men don’t act in a deceptive and fake manner.

If you want her to love you, you must be worthy of this love. This means avoiding all the games that men and women play during the courtship period. A real man is good to the woman he’s with and doesn’t do anything to hurt her.

Ultimately her love must be returned through your actions and words.

So if you’re into dating multiple women, don’t tell her she’s the ONLY one. In fact, if don’t want to settle down, do yourself a favor and keep her at an emotional distance. It’ll only end up hurting her feelings if you’re not looking for a committed relationship.

Step #3- Make your intentions evident

I’m going to be honest here buddy…

Women like to think long term!

If you’ve established yourself in a relationship, then she’s probably though about what it’ll be like with you on a permanent basis (ie: marriage). So if this is something you want in your life, then your actions should reflect this goal.
In essence you have to act in a way that’ll demonstrate a genuine desire to settle down and possibly marry her.

To do this, you should bring her around your friends, invite her to important functions in your life and basically include her in all aspects of your life.

Step #4- Communicate with her

Communication is to key to developing a loving relationship.

Unfortunately as a gender we’re not known for our skill at communicating our feelings. However if you’re serious about this woman, you have to be open about things which are going on in your life.

This also means taking a genuine interest in what she’s doing and getting to know her an intimate capacity.

Furthermore, there will be times when the two of you will get in an argument.

When these moments happen, you have to remember she is someone you love, and you shouldn’t say anything which you can’t take back. In other words don’t intentionally hurt her feelings.

Step #5- Keep things fun and sexual

Finally you must ensure that your relationship is still fun and exciting as it evolves.

While most women are looking for a special someone who can share her feelings, you can’t let things get boring and stagnant. If you’re serious about this woman then you must WORK to keep things fun.

This means treating her like a queen and keeping the romance alive. So on exciting trips, buy her presents and don’t be afraid to spice things up in the bedroom.

Love is the ultimate goal of a serious relationship. If you can make her love you then you’ll be on the pathway towards build an incredible future with the woman of your dreams.

Source by Scott Patterson

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