Prince William supports Aston Villa

April 29, British prince William’s wedding will be held grandly in London, this century of competing colour betting wedding event has a far-reaching influence. William is a real football control, and he himself also served as the fa chairman, villa is his favourite team. After the prince married, London during the premier league team also happened to have two important home tournament Arsenal VS Football Shirt Manchester united, Chelsea VS spurs. YangShu and WeiSuNing racing colour expert thinks, no matter from the Angle of prince wedding or from the fighting spirit level analysis team, Arsenal, Chelsea and aston villa can lose epicycle premiership, because the prince wedding, who also don’t want to give the prince added.

Prince William has already is expected to into Beckham second Although London has Chelsea and Arsenal such giants team, but the prince William favorite team is aston villa. The prince himself more than once love in this statement, a premier league team of the middle. Prince William has one of the proudest honor that one identity is st Andrews university school soccer team, he also attended st Andrew’s local Sundayamateur football league.

At that time, the premier league team aston villa after prince William, hope can William join them as a professional team player. And participate in euro 2004, even said, prince William, have become second Beckham’s talent. William’s premiership rivals aston villa fan, of course, the faithful does not exclude the villa club deliberately kowtowing to him of possibilities. Aston villa club spokesperson said: “our scouts watching a play that William after William potential is there, perhaps can cultivate he became the second Arsenal Shirt Beckham, William even have the opportunity to participate in a thousandth euro 2004. Of course, we also know that the royal family become absorbed a professional football player is almost impossible, especially prince William will be king, but we also think William can choose their own life.” But the enthusiasm for aston villa William delivered a positive response: “the next gerneration I don’t do prince, I want to play.”

Actually, William also has served as chairman had the fa cup in Britain, and the process of bid, prince William and Beckham statements help his country along the votes, but the final result without success. But all of these instructions, football is William an integral part of WangZiSheng. For road win. Prince tribute aston villa West brom FABREGAS shirt game time 22:00 2011-4-30 vs aston villa Many in the premier league team, villa are affected by this married one of the biggest influence. As prince William’s most favorite team, aston villa for the prince must offer wedding gift, and the gift the nature is the win. This premier league, villa will visit challenge west brom, therefore nanjing ternary lane YangShu racing choi shop experts and nanjing huang copies WeiSuNing racing choi shop experts homes, are betting on road villa can win. The prince married blues tottenham idea Chelsea vs spurs 2011-5-1 00:30 game time During the prince married, London will have two premiership games, one match is Chelsea VS spurs London Derby. The wedding of prince William seemingly and both teams are no relationship, but considering that is located in London, while London any a soccer game will involve London safety questions. So Chelsea and tottenham hotspur the Derby, affirmation could not give the prince wedding security bring too much trouble, so the game YangShu teacher think would be a draw.

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